Most Expensive: Private Jet Features.

Flying commercial can be a painful experience. First, there’s the joy of arriving at least an hour early to the airport in order to make it through security and baggage points. Then there are the restrictive baggage specifications, limited seating space and the oddly uncomfortable chairs.

Perhaps the man or woman sitting next to you has a cold or some kind of digestive issue. And inevitably, the in-flight food tastes and looks so strange that you’d rather go hungry, and there’ll probably be a young child screaming loudly at some point during the flight.

When you do make it through the flight, you’ll find yourself hovering around a circular carousel praying that your bags weren’t lost or left behind by the flight crew. If you do manage to make it out of the baggage claim with all of your luggage, you’ll have the joy of either renting a car, flagging down a taxi or catching an overcrowded bus. But, if you were to fly private, the whole experience would be entirely different.

Why? Because when you fly private your flights are customized to meet your needs. With a full staff of flight attendants, luxury accommodations, and technological miracles right at your fingertips, flying in a private jet will feel more like a long stay at a five-star hotel. And with companies like Boeing making private jets just for those who are willing to spend an eye-watering amount of cash on luxuries, nearly anything your heart desires can be put into a private jet. With such possibilities, there are some very luxurious and expensive private jet amenities that make flying a breeze.

9. Lounges



The legroom on a commercial airplane is ample – for a small child. The average adult can barely stretch their legs without their knees slamming into the chair in front of them. For those lucky enough to fly in a private jet, ‘legroom’ isn’t even a relevant concept.

Most private jets feature leather recliner-style seats that could easily seat two people. The seats are padded and fully equipped with large armrests and cushioned headrests. What’s more, the seats are configured so that no one is without ample leg space.

The seats are typically in a living room-style configuration, with everyone facing each other from opposite sides of the plane. Jackie Chan‘s Embraer SA Legacy, for example, seats up to 14 people. Each seat gives guests maximum leg room and a relaxing area to interact with one and other.

8. Full-Size Bathroom



If you’re not familiar with the panic of being trapped in a tiny closet, then you haven’t used the restroom on a commercial airplane. The toilet is about the size of a small stool and the sink is so tiny you can barely fit both of your hands in it. The tiny compartment that is called a bathroom aboard commercial air flights makes most people cringe.

The same is certainly not true for those that charter a private jet. The restrooms are much larger and most come equipped with some form of a washing area. Yes, as in a shower. Those that pay the steep price to fly private are able to shower, shave, and dress as if they are at a hotel rather than on an airplane. Even more luxurious are the ways that bathrooms can be upgraded on a private jet. Donald Trump‘s private jet, for example, has a gold plated sink in the master bathroom.

7. Full-Service Kitchen with Personal Chef


The selection of food on a long airline flight is rarely appetizing; on a short flight you’d be lucky to receive a small bag of peanuts and a glass of water. But those flying private have the option of whichever meal they like, whenever they’d like it.

Private jets often employ a chef to accompany passengers on long flights. This makes it possible for passengers to fly without missing a square meal. And forget the tiny glasses of water they serve on commercial flights. Those that fly private have access to full servings of whatever drink their heart desires.

When Boeing introduced its business jet in 2012, it came with a fully-loaded kitchen that contained refrigerator, microwave, convection oven, center island, and wine cooler. The cost of the private jet ran at a cool $77 million.

6. Meeting Rooms



For many billionaire businessmen, flying is a necessity. But too much time spent in the air can keep them from important meetings and deadlines. So what’s the traveling billionaire to do? Fly private of course.

Boeing’s 737 features very useful, and expensive, technology. With a private conference room that comes with smartphone and computer connectivity, flying doesn’t keep you from meetings anymore. There’s also a built-in video system and surround-sound for additional technological and entertainment needs.

5. Comfortable Sleeping Areas



Long flights can be exhausting. That’s why airlines offer a reclining feature on all of their commercial flight seats, right? Because reclining back half a degree is going to make it easy to fall asleep, especially when your seat has probably crushed the knees of the person directly behind you…

Those that fly private need not worry about losing rest on a long flight. Most private jets come with at least a master bedroom and some even come with several beds for those that fly with an entourage. Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, is the owner of a $100 million Boeing 757. The jet interior is complete with a master bedroom and several guest rooms.

4. Car Garage



When the majority of us fly we are either picked up at the airport by a family member or friend, a taxi, or are forced to rent a car. But when the super rich arrive at their destination they don’t need to worry about hailing a cab. Instead, they can just bring their car on the flight with them.

At least that’s what Prince Alwaleed bin Talal does. His Airbus A380 has been customized with a garage that fits the Prince’s Rolls-Royce. The garage is just of the many perks of the Prince’s jet; others include a concert hall and a Turkish bath. The final price tag for the Prince’s jet was somewhere around $500 million.

3. Full Staff of Flight Attendants



Need a drink? How about a napkin? Maybe another blanket to cover your feet as you relax on your king size bed? These and many more requests can be directed toward the full staff of flight attendants that await your every desire.

Unlike the rest of us, the guests aboard a private jet are catered to for the entirety of their flight. Whether that be a short stint or a long overseas flight, those flying in private jets are given complete service round the clock.

2. Quality Entertainment



When you take a long flight you’re occasionally graced with an in-flight movie. Of course, to watch this movie you need to wear earphones that connect to a designated area on your seat.

But, if you fly private, your option of entertainment is nearly limitless. For example, Donald Trump’s private jet houses a 52 inch flat screen TV that plays a variety of Trump’s favorite films. Tyler Perry‘s jet, the Gulfstream III, has been customized to resemble a “Flying Theater.” It features a 42-inch HD LCD screen, satellite TV, multiple Blu-ray players and extensive theater lighting to make it feel as though you’re actually at a movie theater. But these kind of luxuries don’t come cheap: Perry paid a massive $125 million for his customized jet.

 1. Personalized Touches



The true extent of comfort aboard a private jet is found in the personal touches that the owner of the jet applies to the interior. For some, such as the Sultan of Brunei, those touches come in the form of expensive metals and gems.

He has spent over $100 million adding gold and crystal to the living room, bedroom and bathroom of his Boeing 747-430. Joseph Lau, a real-estate tycoon from Hong Kong, added features such as a spiral staircase and vaulted ceilings to his Boeing 747-81 VIP. And in the most overstated display of royalty, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal had a throne installed in the middle of his Boeing 747-400.


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